Health Risks When Working From Home

Working from home should be treated the same as working from the office when it comes to health and safety.

If you are working for a boss from home you will need to comply with all the health and safety rules you would have at work. Your employer is responsible for your health and safety while you are working, wherever that may be.

You need to ensure all equipment is safe to use and is used in a safe manner. Perhaps working on your laptop from bed sounds like a great idea but if you did it for any length of time you would find you had a sore neck or back and perhaps your wrist would become painful, as well.

Proper posture is something that is essential for your long-term comfort.

You need to be aware of things like power cords for trips and falls as well as their maintenance to avoid electric shock or fires.

Even if you work for yourself you should take all the precautions of an employee. After all, you are your greatest asset.

You need to eat healthy meals at regular times and to exercise. Ideally you should get up and move around every hour or so and don’t forget to get at least thirty minutes of exercise every day. Taking a walk around the park or even just around the neighborhood can give you your daily exercise benefits as well as giving your mind a chance to refresh and renew.

Don’t forget to take a couple of days off every week. Proper breaks helps prevent burn out. Make the weekend a time to visit friends and family. You will feel rested and ready to work more productively when you start back on Monday.

Ideally, you will have a place to keep all your work or business things. It is hard to enjoy working from home if you can never find anything. You should probably not let anyone play games on your work computer unless you have everything backed up. Little accidents like spilling coffee on the computer are more likely to happen at home. It is good business practice to save and backup your work often. You also need to make sure any business is kept private. You don’t want your children posting your latest business reports on to Facebook.


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